SOLAR FX launched in 2008, installing small solar-powered attic fans and solar arrays on homes. Today, we are a turnkey company that specializes in solar energy design, engineering, sales, and installation. We install photovoltaic module (PV) arrays on large agricultural sites, commercial sites, and large utility-scale sites. Because we have moved to these large-scale sites, we no longer provide residential installations. As solar demands rise, SOLAR FX has provided 29 large installations in central Iowa alone in 2019.

SOLAR FX offers the best pricing available because we buy directly from the importer of record and all of our solar panels must be Tier One on the Bloomberg list, meaning we supply only the best panels to our customers. Every solar array is custom-designed to that particular site using the best solar panels, inverters, and racking for that installation. We are not committed to anyone solar panel manufacturer or single inverter manufacturer. We work with multiple designers and we have three different suppliers across the USA, which allows us to find the best solution and the best pricing for each specific installation. All of our installations are done with in-house staff and our own equipment. We have engaged a Master Electrician to complete our high voltage runs, hardware, and terminations. In addition, we do all the administrative work for you such as permitting, interconnection agreements, meeting with the county/city, and making applications for all of these entities. All we ask of the Owner is to sign as needed and provide support when necessary (proof of insurance for example).


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