MOXIE was founded in 2008 out of a desire to bring new energy options to Iowa.  Since then, MOXIE has grown to be the United States leading provider of solar energy solutions for commercial, residential, and agricultural applications. We now complete in excess of 3000 installations per year with predominantly 5-star customer reviews, and we’re proud of our role in creating a more sustainable future for our clients and our world.

Our mission is to provide the financial and environmental benefits of solar power for farms, homes and businesses. MOXIE offers a complete service package that cuts through the red tape of the government and utility companies. From start to finish and beyond, we promise total satisfaction with the quality of our state-of-the-art solar PV systems.

MOXIE is your best choice for residential, commercial, agricultural, or non-profit projects.

We are a group of solar power geeks and whiz kids who “MOXIE Up” every day to take on the challenges of a renewable energy future. We boast unparalleled expertise in engineering, installation and administration of solar power systems. That expertise makes MOXIE the only company that has the breadth, depth and expertise to be a true, start-to-finish, full-service solar company.


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