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Dafeng a point empty, can not help but slightly a daze! Suddenly she giggled and said, "No wonder you look rather haughty. You're fighting alone with eight men, but you're still calm and calm without fear. Your skill is extraordinary. You're much better than those of them." As soon as the connoisseur stretched out his hand, he knew there was no such thing. Although Zhu Yuqi only had a slight flash in her figure, she had already lightly avoided the move pointed out by Dafeng. It seemed that there was nothing strange about it, but it was just right. Not only is it just right, but it's only a tiny difference, and it's ingenious! Had it not been for the superior martial arts, the inner skill has reached the state of perfection, how could they all have such skill! Dafeng's martial arts attainments are extremely high, and her moves and techniques are absolutely brilliant, which can be regarded as the best in today's martial arts world, and her internal skills are even more perfect! If not, the iron palm shakes Heshuo, Huang Junxiong and the six Incense Masters are all very skillful. They are famous underworld masters in Jianghu today. How can they not dodge in her hands? It is not difficult to be controlled! Although Dafeng seems to be a middle-aged woman about forty years old, in fact, she has already made her debut in Jianghu sixty years ago, just because. For some reason, I have only been in Jianghu for more than a year. Like a flash in the pan, I have been hidden in the mountains. In the past sixty years, I have never reached Jianghu. Not only Dafeng, but also three other middle-aged women, including the two old men in long gowns, were all figures of the same period. In terms of their actual age, they should be over eighty. Because they were only sixty years ago, when they were young, like epiphyllums, they appeared in Jianghu, even if they disappeared, so they had a wide range of knowledge, such as the old Jianghu of the Iron Palm and the River Shuo, but they could not see their origins at all! Zhu Yuqi this kind of just right, ingenious dodge body method, in the eyes of Dafeng this big expert, that can not see, how can not be one of the heart, issued a light "Yi". As soon as Dafeng's voice fell, Zhu Yuqi immediately laughed and said, "Duochengfang's praise makes Xiaosheng feel ashamed, but.." When Zhu Yuqi said this, Jian Mei suddenly frowned slightly and kept silent. "But what?" Asked the wind. Zhu Yuqi gazed at the strong wind and said, "Fangjia is too unreasonable!" The wind was slightly stunned and asked with a smile, "How can you see that?" Zhu Yuqi said in a loud voice, "Do the Tsing Yi Gang have a grudge against you?" "No." "Have a complaint?" "" Why do you ask? "Asked Dafeng with a sudden smile. "Why did Fangjia control their acupoints?" "Oh!" "Isn't that good for you?" Asked Dafeng thoughtfully. "Hum," Zhu Yuqi proudly and lightly "hum" a way: "Xiaosheng does not accept the love of Fangjia." Dafeng giggled and said, "I didn't ask you to appreciate it." Zhu Yuqijun's face suddenly sank and he said, "Then why did Fangjia attack Xiaosheng?" Dafeng smiled and said, "Didn't I tell you earlier? This is my master's order. I can't show favoritism." "Who is your master?" Asked Zhu Yuqi. Feng Feng and Liu Mei frowned slightly and said, "Look at your handsome appearance. You look so smart. Why do you want to ask again? I have to tell you again. You'd better not ask!" Zhu Yuqi said in a loud voice, "You have gone too far!" "Bully people too much?" Dafeng giggled again and said, "Do you think we've bullied you?" Zhu Yuqi snorted coldly, facial recognization camera , "You don't deserve to bully Xiaosheng!" Dafeng smiled and said, "What a big tone you have!" "Not as old as you are!" "You really deserve to be a disciple of a famous family, and you really have a heroic spirit!" "Accept the award!" "But there is no exception to my Dafeng's hand under the great school of a famous family!" Zhu Yuqi raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "Not really!" "Don't you believe it?" Dafeng said coldly as her face sank. Zhu Yuqi laughed and said, "Unless you have two more.".
” As soon as Dafeng heard this, Zhu Yuqi's tone was not only crazy, but she didn't put her in her eyes at all. She couldn't help being furious. Jiao shouted, "How powerful you are! How dare you be so arrogant and rude!" Zhu Yuqi laughed loudly and said, "There's no need to ask how much skill you have. Just try it and you'll know." "Good," cried Dafeng delicately! Take it! The words fell out, stretched out his arm and palm, and caught Zhu Yuqi in the eyebrow well. Zhu Yuqi and Yue Zhiyuan stopped and stood still, tattooed, until the palm of Dafeng Jade was about three inches away from his shoulder well, and was about to grasp it firmly. Then they slanted their short eyebrows, raised their left arms, and pointed their two fingers like halberds in the middle of their food. They poked at the Quchi point of Dafeng Jade's arm with lightning. With a slight shock in her heart, Dafeng thought to herself, "No wonder he's so young and his tone is so crazy. He really has a unique skill.." Thought in the heart, the bottom of the hand can not dare to neglect, hurriedly shrink the arm to withdraw, move slightly at the foot, willow waist gently swing, transposition, change the shape to attack again, out of the palm, shoulder, grasp the chest. With a cold hum in her mouth, Zhu Yuqi stepped on the "two-instrument combination footwork", her body flashed slightly, evaded the attack, and her palms performed the "two-instrument palm method", "reaching the same goal by different routes", knocking the wrist pulse and hitting the waist ribs. The moves of both sides are wonderful, strange and unpredictable, as fast as lightning, swift and incoherent! As soon as the two of them got their hands on each other, in the blink of an eye, they had already split each other seven or eight strokes. Although only seven or eight strokes, but in the eyes of experts, Dafeng is by no means Zhu Yuqi's opponent, has been gradually forced to fall behind! At this time, the two old men in long cloth gowns, who were not squinting, and the three middle-aged women standing close to the soft sedan chair, were all ejaculating, frowning slightly, and looking at the situation of Dafeng and Zhu Yuqi with a dignified face! Their hearts are very shocked, even more confused and surprised! The reason is that Zhu Yuqi's teacher is a disciple of Wudang, but her moves are not the master of martial arts. The moves are wonderful and strange, and they are rare in their lives! Dafeng's danger, they all see very clearly, know not out of twenty strokes, must be defeated! Therefore, in addition to feeling shocked, confused, and surprised, their hearts were even more anxious! But what's the use of anxiety? Without the orders of the people in the soft sedan chair, it's not convenient for them to help or take over from Dafeng without authorization. hsdtouch.com