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Since the Eastern Han Dynasty, many temples have been built on Mount Emei. At first, Taoism was popular. It was a famous mountain of Taoism. But in the Tang and Song Dynasties, Buddhism rose and flourished, and many temples appeared. Buddhism almost drove Taoism out of Mount Emei and became a famous mountain of Buddhism. Some Taoism declined, some moved to Qingcheng Mountain, preserved, only Chunyang Hall, Qingyin Pavilion and other two or three Taoist temples! The seat of the Emei Sect is in the Chunyang Hall, but the head of the Emei Sect, Taoist Songyang, is not in the Chunyang Hall, but in the Qingyin Pavilion. Qingyin Pavilion is one of the famous scenic spots in Emei. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with flying pavilions and flowing clouds. The scenery is very elegant and beautiful. You have a double flying bridge, which spans between Heilongjiang River and Bailong River. Between the two bridges, there is a double flying pavilion. There is a rock under the pavilion, and there is a small and exquisite Niuxin Pavilion on the rock. Looking down from the pavilion, I saw the water of the two rivers rushing from the mountains, hitting this huge stone like the heart of a cow. The sound was like thunder, and the sound was scattered around. The waves splashed like flying flowers and scattered jade. The scenery was very spectacular. Not far from it, there is a White Dragon Cave, which is said to be the place where White Snake became an immortal in the legend of White Snake. In the dead of night, the Taoist Priest of Songyang was talking with the Lion Chivalrous Beggar and the Sword Scholar of the Kunlun Sect in the Niuxin Pavilion. He not only talked about the appearance of the mysterious cuckoo, but also about the murder of the Beggar's Sect disciples in Chengdu. Despite the thunderous sound of the waves outside the pavilion, the three martial arts masters, each showing his own internal force,precision welded tubes, could still clearly hear what the other side said. If someone had been at Shuangfei Bridge at that time, I'm afraid what they heard was only the sound of water and waves, and they could not hear what someone inside the pavilion said at all. The Songyang Taoist Priest and the Lion Swordsman discussed how to gather the Sichuan martial arts masters to track down the mysterious cuckoo. They never thought that the ever-changing star king, who pretended to be the name of the cuckoo, would come from the night of Lingyun Mountain, a hundred miles away, aiming to take their lives! Changeable star gentleman three people, already quietly appeared around them! Changeable Xingjun already knew from his subordinates who had infiltrated into the Chunyang Hall that the Songyang Taoist Priest, the Lion Chivalrous Beggar,aluminium coated steel tube, and the Sword Scholar of the Kunlun Sect had a long talk in the Niuxin Pavilion late at night. Then he quietly came to the Qingyin Pavilion from the Chunyang Hall and approached the Niuxin Pavilion. The three great masters, the Lion Chivalrous Beggar, the Songyang Taoist Priest, and the Sword Scholar, were unaware of this. I don't know whether it was their carelessness, or the thunderous sound of the waves that affected their attention to what was happening around them, or whether they didn't expect that someone would dare to assassinate them in the middle of the night. After all, it was the skill of the lion chivalrous beggar, and in the midst of his conversation, he faintly felt a murderous look approaching. Secretly surprised, how in this late night group of peaks, there is a murderous look to force? Suddenly shut up, listen attentively, at the same time the whole body also dark cloth true gas, Songyang Taoist saw. Ask: "Old Jiaohua, you talk well, how to do not speak?" Also at this time, a figure came in the air, side impact beams ,cold drawn tubes, agile as lightning. Man to the sword, the lion chivalrous beggar a palm clap, although the palm force is fierce, it seems far less than his past clap of the palm force! Can only shake off the sword, but can not suddenly come to the assassin flew out, the heart was shocked.
September Forum "Earth Visitors" Finishing Chapter 36 Mount Emei The last time I talked about the lion swordsman, I felt that his palm power was not as strong as the previous one, and I was very surprised! I thought to myself that I was not lucky, or that the person who came to assassinate me was superior to me in martial arts? If so, tonight can meet the enemy! Similarly, the Songyang Taoist Priest and the Sword Scholar were greatly surprised. Who dared to come to Mount Emei to assassinate him? Do you have extraordinary martial arts? Both of them stood up, secretly lucky to defend themselves, but as soon as they were lucky, they felt that somewhere on their body was blocked and could not run, which was even more shocking! Why can't you breathe? Have you been poisoned? If so, tonight only at the mercy of others! All of a sudden, two figures came in the air, lightly out of a sword, pick hurt Songyang Taoist, if not for the lion chivalrous beggar clapped a palm, Songyang Taoist under this sword, is not injured, but died! "Who are you?" Roared the lion chivalrous beggar? How dare you assassinate me, Lao Jiaohua and others? The two masked men in black did not answer. Just as they were about to do it again, the third masked man said, "You don't have to do it first. Although they have been poisoned, this old beggar's skill is very deep. He hasn't been completely poisoned yet. He's crazy. We have to work hard to kill them. It's not too late to kill them when the old beggar's poison breaks out!"! Anyway, in the middle of the night, no one came to save them. When the three of them heard this, they were astonished: "What!?"? We were poisoned? "You can't imagine," sneered the masked man in black! In your wine, tea, we have poisoned, even if you three have great ability, it is difficult to play out! "Who on earth are you?" The lion roared. "What?"? Didn't you talk about killing me? Why did you forget? The Taoist Priest of Songyang was stunned. "Are you the mysterious cuckoo in Jianghu?" "Well said!"! All right! Now you won't die unjustly, will you? The sword-wearing scholar gave a sneer, "I, Li, thought that the cuckoo was a hero, but it turned out to be such a despicable person who used poison to plot against people. What kind of hero is he?" The leader, the masked man in black, sneered proudly again, "Scholar with a sword, I don't see your martial arts. If it weren't for the old beggar, I wouldn't need ten moves to kill you." Good! If you have the ability, you can get rid of my poison. We will be divided by martial arts. If you are not as good as others, you will be convinced to die. "Forget it!"! I don't want to waste my breath. I always kill people just to achieve my goal, regardless of the means. Whether you are convinced or not, you can go to the underworld to complain to the King of Hell! "Chief, I think we should kill them earlier," said another masked woman in black! In order to avoid a long night and many dreams, we have to rush back! Good! Then kill them! The Lion Chivalrous Beggar roared at the top of his voice, "Wait a minute, I always want to ask, did you do it in the Chengdu Hall of the Beggars' Sect?" The man in black said, "Yes!"! That's what we did. Lao Jiaohua,Precision Welded pipes, if you have anything else to ask, you might as well ask. Before you die, I can satisfy you. 。 cbiesautomotive.com