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I didn't hear the second half of Uncle Ming's words at all. What's moving? Did the glacier crystal corpse turn around alive? When we heard this, we felt more and more uncertain, so we had to bite the bullet and look at the things in the mountain again. The faster we looked, the faster our heart beat. There were really living things in it. Although there is a mountain character in the name of Crystal Free Mountain, in fact, it is far from as big as a mountain. Generally speaking, it is only the size of a bathtub for bathing at most. It is oval, surrounded by several arc-shaped gold bars, which are used to carry and put. It is placed horizontally in the pit at the bottom of the tower, symbolizing the power of the collapse of the snow peak. The white wolf demon slave is carved face up, looking down from above, somewhat like an eyeball embedded in the eye socket. If you look carefully, there is a lot of mercury flowing slowly inside the crystal shell. The shadow of this mercury is clear, just a woman, in the body of the mercury human form, there are some dark red things shining slightly, like the heart, liver, spleen, lung and other internal organs of the human body. Wrapped in this layer of crystal outside, we can't see what the mercury-like flowing human form really looks like. Maybe it's just an optical effect,Magnesium Oxide price, or the human form inside is also a crystal clear liquid crystal. It's probably the glacier crystal corpse that Uncle Ming is looking for. As for whether it is a real human corpse or a symbolic object like the crystal mountain outside, there is no way to know without opening it. The reason why I agreed with Uncle Ming to go into the Kunlun Mountains this time was that I hoped to find a way to use dust beads to eliminate the curse from the nine-storey demon tower, but the demon tower, which I had high hopes for, had no information. Now only the corpse of the evil God was left, and I was ready not to give up until I reached the Yellow River, so I called on everyone to help me carry the crystal mountain out of the pit. Uncle Ming hopes to transport Kalamir out and open it again, so that he doesn't have to worry about causing an avalanche,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, and he can do whatever he wants to do. I said that this is definitely not feasible, although this kind of iceberg crystal is much stronger than we thought, it is not so easy to break, but using climbing ropes to bind gold bars and hang up layer by layer is tantamount to juggling with a bomb on your head. What's more, not only to move to the top of the snowfield, but also to cross the ice and snow of Shenluogou, which is even more difficult than climbing the sky. If you want to get the glacier crystal corpse out, you have to risk it at the bottom of the tower, which seems dangerous, but it's much safer than shipping it out. After I persuaded Uncle Ming, it was getting dark, and the wolves would launch a general attack before the snow stopped tonight. They suffer from hunger and cold in the snow ditch, and now they have almost reached the limit. Once the demon tower is dug up, the wolves have no scruples. Moreover, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, the Crystal Free Mountain is the sacred object of the ancestors of the wolves. They will not tolerate human beings disturbing it at will. Tonight, one of the two sides must die clean before it is over. So everyone went back to the first floor of the nine-storey demon tower and added enough fuel to the fire, so that Uncle Ming and Ah Xiang could stay here. The rest of the people returned to the glacier buried by the snow. The distance between the two places was very close. If there was any situation, there would be time to save them. When he went up on the first day of the lunar new year, he gave all the salt to Uncle Ming. If Snow Maitreya came out, he would sprinkle the salt on it. It was already dark outside, and the snow was getting lighter. It seemed that the snow would stop before midnight. They piled up the black wood dug out from the tower as a defensive circle and checked their weapons and ammunition. In the deathly silence of the surrounding snowfields, Peter Huang was so restless that he couldn't help asking, "Will the wolves really come?"? Why is there no movement at all? The first day of junior high school nodded to Peter Huang. The first day of junior high school had hated wolves since childhood. At this time, the fierce battle was imminent. Because of excitement, his eyes were bloodshot. In the snowy mountains, the first day of junior high school's intuition was even keener than the wolf's. He raised his wine bag and drank a big mouthful of highland barley wine. Then he pulled out his Tibetan knife and sprayed all the wine in his mouth on the blade. He said to the crowd in a low voice, "Coming." One hand raised the shotgun, "bang" a shot, I saw not far from the white snow, splashing a group of red snow fog, a giant wolf covered with snow, was hit by bullets, fell to the ground. In the snow in all directions, dozens of wolves jumped out almost at the same time, rolling up a lot of snow and fog and rushing to them.
At this moment, our eyes seemed to have an illusion, as if the whole snow slope was suddenly shaking and boiling. Although we were small in number and lacked the firepower of submachine guns, there was no lack of first-class shooters, and the number of wolves was limited. Before that, more than twenty wolves had been broken, and now there were only sixty or seventy left. Immediately, the guns were fired at random, and countless bright red blood flowers bloomed on the white snow. The wolves were very accurate in estimating our firepower. If they had ambushed too close before, they would have been detected by us. If they were too far away, they would not have been able to rush to the front, so they were all ambushed in an area of thirty or fifty meters. It seems that we are ready to rush to close combat at the expense of more than a dozen wolves, and then our guns will not be able to play a big role. But these plans were disrupted by the acumen of junior high school. But the distance between the wolves and us was getting closer and closer. After shooting the first wave of more than thirty giant wolves, the five of us ran out of pike ammunition, and the second wave of wolves, like a white whirlwind, rushed forward. The second wave of dozens of hungry wolves had rushed in front of us in an instant. Fatty, Shirley Yang, Peter Huang and I had no time to load the guns with ammunition and raised their pistols to shoot. Almost one shot and one down, the wolves rushed in front of him were shot over one by one, and the steady sound of shooting doubled people's courage and offset the fear in close combat. On the first day, he used the front fork of the shotgun to poke down a vicious wolf, then let go of the shotgun and slashed with a Tibetan knife. An old wolf dodged a little slowly and was cut off half of his nose by a lightning-like blade. He whined in pain and cut off his wolf's head again. Less than two minutes after the first shot was fired on the first day of the lunar new year, a wolf corpse had fallen on the ground, which was mixed with several wolves that had not completely died, and from time to time they were panting like white steam. The crowd breathed a sigh of relief, their tense nerves relaxed,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, and the scene in front of them was so tragic that this time Karamir's wolf was basically killed. However, if it were not for the first opportunity to defeat the enemy, the corpses in the snow might not be just wolf corpses. stargrace-magnesite.com