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Several immortals laughed at the same time. One immortal said leisurely, "We must defeat the devil this time. As long as the heaven returns to the earth, we can control the foundation of the six realms.". In addition, with the help of the emperor and the pacification of all living beings in the world, we will have no worries. Some people in the hall burst into laughter and began to discuss how to force the river fish to play more and more brilliantly and vigorously with the demons in the demon world. And Li Heng's last words were to dispel the last thought of the river fish. You immortals,Mechanical fine screen, instead of letting the river fish and the devil fight to lose both sides, it is better to let the river fish be a dog under your command, isn't it wonderful? Li Heng Yin Yin laughed a few times,multi disc screw press, coughed and said: "It is said that his cultivation has now surpassed the level of celestial beings."? With the way of bow and arrow of Mochizuki Sect, even those devils who cultivate their bodies can't stand the power of his arrow? How can such a useful chess piece be used only once? Li Heng gasped and said, "I will issue a decree to take Guo Ziyi, Xing Tian and others to the palace to see you.". The immortals caught them and.. The river fish did not listen any more, MBR reactor ,disc air diffuser, turned into a silver wind, he floated out of the imperial city, suspended in the high altitude above the city of Chang'an. Xuan Ba Gui set up a cloud of water to catch up with him, and his mouth was covered with a silver gauze. He danced and pointed at the river fish and jumped, so anxious that he sweated. The river fish just smiled and shook his head gently. "I'm sorry, old turtle," he whispered. I am already afraid of those high gods. Perhaps, without their participation in the inside, Changan today, is still flourishing? Look at the chaos in the world over the past twenty years because of the fighting of the immortals. And what was the world like twenty years ago when there was no fighting? "Do we still need gods, immortals, demons and demons in the world?" Strands of very thin silver light slowly oozed from the river fish body, drifting around, the silver light swept across the sky, across the earth,Rotating sludge scraper, across the ocean. All the spiritual veins between heaven and earth suddenly froze, and only a very little bit of the spirit barely penetrated. The silver seal that sealed the six realms in the void suddenly increased by more than a hundred thousand times, and countless strong people in the six realms lamented at the same time. khnwatertreatment.com