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Perhaps the short beard was really enough. Under this high pressure, one of the girls who had kept silent stood up and raised his head and said, "Teacher Gao, why did we come to accept your so-called natural shooting when we were supposed to be static models?"? Static models just need to wear clothes to stand on the edge of the window, we are not your photographic models, we are not professionals! "Ha ha!" The short beard looked up to the sky and laughed, as if he had heard the most childish joke. After laughing, he pulled the collar of his shirt a little irritably. Suddenly, he looked dispirited and said: "If the static model only needs to change the props and clothes, and then stand in the window of the cabinet, then why should I invite a real person? Why not just put the plastic model in the window?"? That's all. You don't understand that. That's right. Where are there so many professionals in the world. All right, if you can't stand it, go and get your salary by the hour. Don't send it. He waved his hand, and the whole person seemed a little lonely. The result was expected and unexpected. All but one had gone, and the remaining one was the girl who had just questioned it. "Why don't you go?" The short beard said in amazement. The girl still proudly held her head high and said loudly, "I suddenly found that what you said is reasonable, so I decided to recognize the charm of your art and see if you are qualified to talk big here!" The short beard frowned and said lightly, "Whatever you want." He said it was plain, but there seemed to be a flash of light in his eyes. All right, are you here to apply for the job? He no longer paid attention to the girl,radio shuttle racking, but went to Bai Xiao's side and looked her up and down with a look of scrutiny. Seeing the short beard's temper, Bai Xiao said that she was not afraid at all, it was false, but she was not very afraid. She felt that this person was actually a little cute. This is a person who, like the vampire countess, is immersed in his own world. But this man is pure at first sight, pure in pursuit of the peak of a certain realm,push back racking system, compared with the vampire countess who weaves her own luxurious dreams, he is admirable-that's enough, enough for Bai Xiao not to turn away. Bai Xiao also looked at him. Look with appreciation in curiosity, and look with a little cold that she didn't even notice, a kind of calm cold. Bai Xiao really learned a lot from the vampire countess. For example, people are pitiful because their hearts are humble and helpless. For example, if people dare to be fearless, no matter how embarrassing life is, they can still laugh frankly. Short beard turned a few circles, he is probably not 170cm tall, standing beside Bai Xiao looks a little funny, but look at his appearance, it is very cocky. What's your name? With his hands behind his back, he paced like a high official in ancient times. Bai Xiao, metal racking systems ,heavy duty metal racking, the white of the blue sky and the white sun, the drizzling of the rain. Bai Xiao felt that this person was really lovely and made people feel very good, so he made a very free and easy annotation for his name. The short beard stopped, nodded and said, "Not bad.". I have a suitable role for you here. You go to change your clothes first to see the style. He said to one of his deputies, "Xiao Wang, you go and get the blue suit of Huang Yaoshi for her to try on, and then take her to the old drunkard to make up." Bai Xiao almost thought he had misheard, Huang Yaoshi's clothes? Hey, but this short beard has a good eye. Let her wear men's clothes, and it's still her favorite style of Huang Yaoshi. Volume 1: Twenty-four Bridges, Bright Moon Night, Eighteen Chapters: Bai Xiao and Huang Yaoshi? PS: Thanks to all the big people who support Xiao Mo, let's have a little outbreak today, and another chapter ^ ^ PS again: 5555555 ~ In fact, I am very tired today, and my hands are very sore ~ only two more. Tomorrow is Saturday It broke out again and again. Those who have tickets and collections should not be too troublesome. Give them some motivation. * * * ∗ * ∗ * ∗ I am the dividing line of the escape drop, Lala * * *. Bai Xiao followed Xiao Wang happily.
The experience of ancient costume is still very fresh, especially the ancient costume here is actually a complete set from inside to outside, the texture is good, and there is no strange smell of some props and costumes, which is very clean. Xiao Wang took out his clothes and retreated to the dressing room door to wait for Bai Xiao. Bai Xiao first took off his coat and trousers and put on white ancient clothes and snow-white thick trousers, as well as snow-white thin-soled cloth boots. The boots are a little long, and the length of Bai Xiao's feet has shrunk to a normal woman's size 37. Fortunately, there is a shoe lining in this suit, and Bai Xiao's feet barely fit after adding a piece of shoe lining. It was a little troublesome to wear the blue robe again. The robe was slanted open, and the buttons were hidden in the front of the robe. Bai Xiao had to make mistakes several times before he put on the clothes. This is still a modern simplified pirated ancient costume. I really don't know how much trouble the ancients had to wear clothes. Finally is the belt, the belt is a long green step, Bai Xiao casually wrapped around the waist a few circles, and then played a half of the live section, even if dressed neatly. Self-feeling, in addition to a little hot, or good. When Xiao Wang saw Bai Xiao pushing the door open, his eyes also showed a little approval. As he led Bai Xiao to the dressing room at the corner, he reminded her, "Bai Xiao, no matter what the makeup artist says, you just listen and try to keep silent. Her temper, hehe, is not much better than Teacher Gao's.". By the way, you can call her Teacher Luo. The makeup artist is really a very distinctive person. When Bai Xiao saw her, he could not connect such a beauty with the "old drunk" in the short beard's mouth. She is very cold, very charming, phoenix eyes slanting, a little light blue eye shadow,warehouse storage racks, and very elegant. Bai Xiao regarded the woman in the blue dress as a blue rose at first sight. She felt that this was the most suitable person, and she didn't need to know her name. Just as she already knew that the short beard was called Gao He, she still liked to call him the short beard in her heart. kingmoreracking.com