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Should get the information, thunder has been clear in the chest. Then, the rest of the garbage, of course, is useless. With a wave of his indifferent hand, hundreds of ghosts, which had been suppressed for a long time, surged up and squeaked excitedly. As soon as the magic claw was pulled, it tore a big hole in the human body, and when the blood gushed out, the dense fierce ghosts rushed up and swallowed it happily. Just a few dozen breath of kung fu, more than a dozen people will be bitten and devoured, even the bones are not left. More than a hundred fierce ghosts, one by one in the dark with scarlet, flew back to the banner of ten thousand ghosts with great satisfaction. The mute girl covered her mouth and looked at all this in horror. The middle-aged scholar, who had already been so frightened that his legs trembled, sat down on his buttocks and wanted to vomit, but dared not. If you have strength, you won't be bullied. Thunder touched the mute girl's hair and said such a sentence. Glancing coldly at the middle-aged scholar, "From today on,whirlpool bathtub, you will teach her ten hours of writing every day. I want you to be able to understand most of the words in three months.". If you can't do it, the fate of those people just now is your example. "Dumb girl, you don't have to go fishing anymore. The ghost guard will catch the golden spirit fish for you." To let him watch this scene is also to knock the old boy, lest he do something he shouldn't do. To be honest, Lei Dong is also quite interested in this golden spirit fish. If you take it for a long time, you can speed up your cultivation. Even if it is not very useful to oneself, it is extremely useful to the mute girl. The original thunder to the mute girl,outdoor whirlpool, just want to repay a debt of gratitude, let her have no worries about food and clothing, or some self-protection. However, the mysterious constitution of the mute woman, as well as her excellent aptitude, let Lei Dong have a good interest in her. In this world, going it alone will never work. Alone, no matter how powerful you are, what if you practice to yuan Ying? If they can't beat you in single combat, they can fight in groups. The mute girl has this aptitude, and she may be able to become her right-hand man in the future. Such qualifications can not be picked up casually. From the boy's memory, Lei Dong knew something about it. Their fishmongers are an organization, at least hundreds of people, running amok on the island. Behind it was a family of immortals lying on Whale Island five hundred miles away. Perhaps that boy is just a henchman, jacuzzi swim spa ,endless swimming pool, for that Xiuxian family, do not know much. Every time, there are only two so-called immortals who come every other month to collect some rare treasures such as golden spirit fish. And from the last time, has passed half a month, that is to say, as long as every half a month, there are two Xiuxian came. Thunder knows that it is absolutely impossible to send a family elite to waste time and energy on such a job as a handyman. Lei Dong can wait for them as long as he waits for them. It's not that I haven't thought about going to visit Sleeping Whale Island at night. But rather than risk, it is better to wait for the handyman'immortal, since the trap to come, after all, from them, should be able to directly get how powerful the island is, if the strength is poor, you can directly destroy. If there is a golden elixir or something, you can run away. This tactic can be advanced or retreated, which is more "calculated". While it is still dark, according to the information obtained by soul searching. The thunderbolt was so tired that it directly killed the hundreds of broken organizations that ran amuck in the countryside on weekdays, and fed them all to the fierce ghosts in the ten thousand ghost banners. It's not that Lei Dong has any chivalrous heart, but that he is afraid that someone from the other side will go to Sleeping Whale Island to report, and then bring trouble to his plan. Half a month passed in a flash. Thunder these days, is also stepping up the healing. Golden spirit fish, and excellent elixir on the body and other help. The wound in the wrath of Poseidon has been healed to 7788. Pinch a finger to calculate, today is just the day when Xiuxian seems to collect things. The other things seized from the fishmonger were not very exciting and were ready to be scattered directly afterwards. It was a dozen golden fish that filled his appetite. According to the information from the soul-searching technique, Lei Dong lurked directly in the place to meet the immortals, which was on a remote and flat coastal cliff. Perhaps those who cultivate immortals simply disdain to be seen by mortals and talk about it behind their backs. They had always come on time, and when the thunder had just lurked down for a short time, they sensed that in the sky, two escape lights were flying slowly.
The color of the escape light is impure, and the speed is so slow that the thunder is anxious. It was not easy to wait until the two swaggering monks landed on the top of the cliff. Left and right a look, half of the people to meet are not, the face suddenly ugly up, just ready to drink and scold a few words. Li Xiao ghost guard suddenly appeared behind them, the ghost roared, the air wave exploded along it, shocked the two gas refining monks dizzy on the spot. Lei Dong is also somewhat speechless to the two so-called'immortals'. A gas refining period has four layers and a gas refining period has five layers. A monk of this rank is able to show off in the eyes of mortals. But in the thunder moves this kind of friar eye, with the mole ant no doubt, can easily pinch dead existence. Too lazy to extort a confession and so on, the thunder moves the palm to press on the head of the monk who refines four layers of Qi, and directly uses the soul-searching technique. The spirit of a monk, even a monk in the period of refining Qi, is far more powerful than that of a mortal. Searching for this man's soul takes a lot more effort than that mortal half a month ago. Moments later, the thunder in the eyes has been a clear. Although this person is only refining four layers of Qi, but the monk is still a monk after all, whether it is insight, or understanding of the world. Have to be far more than ordinary people. Thunder now understood that the sea area he was in was not near the Star Islands in the East China Sea,jacuzzi suppliers, but a place called the Chaotic Islands. The Chaotic Archipelago is composed of a large archipelago, and the sea area in which it is located is a long and narrow area. The longest part is about one hundred thousand Li, and the widest part is sixty or seventy thousand Li. monalisa.com